Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ohh... Winter, what have you done to the beautiful Fall??

Fall is my favorite season. I could list a million things that I love about it. But Fall never seems long enough. Winter always comes way too soon and ALWAYS lasts too long!

My sweet, awesome, beautiful mom is having her "29th" birthday today.

Happy Birthday Mom. We love you so much!!

So we are going to dinner and then settling in for the night to watch the 1st game of the World Series. (go Yankees)

I have a few spots left open for Halloween Pictures. Stop by Here to get your time set up!


Bree said...

Winter did come way too fast....I HATE IT!!! I would be just fine with only having snow in the month of December! :)

Mindy said...

Hi K'brina! I LOVE that you are doing the 30 days thing! It is kind of a challenge....but it does keep you blogging. It's a good motivator!

Dawn Rae said...

I love that snow picture. I am glad you are blogging everyday. It seems like too many people have abanded their blogs lately, so I am glad you are still going.